How To Choose A Kayak Paddle

One thing to consider when looking at a kayak paddles is the paddle style blade you want to use. The different materials the paddles are made of. The length of the paddle is determined by the height to the paddler and the with that the boat.
Paddles range in length from 200 centimeters up to about 260 centimeters. There are two basic types of design. On  is a high angle blade and low angle blade A high angle bland is generally shorter and fatter and most often used by athletic paddlers. Low-angle paddles are much longer and skinnier they’re meant for a much more horizontal paddlestroke for recreational kayakers and long-distance touring battles are made in many different types materials.
The less expensive the paddles are generally made out of an aluminum shaft with a plastic or nylon blade and the next step up in paddles is gonna be made out of a carbon fiber glass shaft with a fiberglass injected nylon blade. The next step in paddles can be made with a full carbon shaft and fiberglass blade and are high end paddle are gonna be made with the a carbon shaft and a foam injected carbon blade.
As you step up in price and different materials, you gain a hand full of things You gain a much stiffer construction in the blades in a much lighter construction that’s gonna give you high efficiency on the water and less fatigue while paddling most kayak paddles come in either a straight shaft or a bend shaft one benefit buying a bent shaft paddle is that it’s going to cause less wear and tear on your wrist elbows and shoulders.
The last thing to consider when buying a kayak paddle is your blade size. A larger paddler like myself is going to use a standard blade wears a smaller paddler is gonna wanna much smaller blade.
One other thing to consider when buying kayak paddle the shaft size and design Most paddles come with two different shaft diameters. A small shaft diameter and a standard shaft diameter. Paddlers that are smaller and have smaller hands are gonna fatigue less, and enjoy paddling more often with a smaller diameter shaft. The paddle is potentially the most important piece of kayaking gear you can own it’s a connection with the water.